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A collection of photographies taken during the month of May.


Some time ago I decided to create separate collections for each month on my flickr account. Each monthly collection holds all the pictures I took during the given months in any year.


It's always interesting to look at your own pictures in this way as old pictures mix with more recent ones, but still have one thing in common: the time of the year when they were taken.

blue light
faithless in concert
not fifty, but just one cent
New York City
take the ferry
enjoying the summer!
in God we trust
larry the king
just relax!
Where is everbody
rainy day in Central Park
red ball
Lonesome jogger
faithless - stripes
View from the Staten Islands Ferry
faithless - blue
the trees
New York City Skyline
  • New York City Skyline
  • just relax!
  • enjoying the summer!
  • the trees
  • not fifty, but just one cent
  • rainy day in Central Park
  • View from the Staten Islands Ferry
  • take the ferry
  • in God we trust
  • Where is everbody
  • New York City
  • Lonesome jogger
  • faithless
  • faithless in concert
  • blue light
  • faithless - blue
  • faithless - stripes
  • red ball
  • heaven
  • heaven
  • larry the king

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